This is no ordinary about page, because you are no ordinary creature. This page is about you, and the reason you have been looking for us.

You are bold, wild, creative, artistic. You are a leader; a lion among sheep, a bright pink flamingo walking through the grey landscape. 

You want to express yourself from top to bottom, and no ordinary apparel will do. You love bright and wild colours that reflect your inside, seek a brand that only creates limited editions and limited quantities, because why would you blend in, when you can stand out?

We designed everything that you see at Fox and Fogo with YOU in mind. We hope when you see our bold use of colours, wild animal prints, slightly sarcastic ideology, you’ll feel like you’ve been hiking in the Sahara and finally found water. 

Welcome to Fox & Fogo.

We noticed a pattern with all of our clients when we beta tested our products over the last year. You loved the colour, you loved the art, but you wanted the BEST in quality. Whether you were trekking through the forest for a weekend of camping, or dragging your guitar 34 blocks across the city, you wanted to look good and feel supported. 

That’s why we were intensely discerning with our print partners. We wanted a sock that felt like a warm hug on a fall day. We wanted that same sock to look and feel the same way months later. when you pulled the sock up around your ankles, we wanted the art to look just as fabulous as when you first bought them. When we added every accessory, we raised the bar. 

So when you look at our new site we want you to really truly understand that we experimented, went all in, threw out the whole thing – kitchen sink and all – and never settled. Our products reflect dedicated years of  “nope,” “not quite,”….”keep going,” and then, finally “YES! PERFECT!”




Hi! My name is Erin Foggoa, and while there are a few epic support staff humans that make up this business, when you are looking at the artwork and designs, and the serious passion for creation behind Fox & Fogo, you are looking at my heart.

I love travelling and making art, creating products that make me smile and laugh. I have been making art since I was a tiny human, and designing snowboard graphics and artwork since….well, let’s just say I learned how to make art on the computer when Mac computers were pink, orange and blue and looked like futuristic bubble gum candy balls!

Making these creations is so very much my jam, and I feel very honoured to be able to provide my happy customers with something truly unique and fun. From socks, shirts, water bottles and heat transfer mugs, believe me when I say that I have beta tested the works, well before I had help around here. 

Thank you sincerely for being here.

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